BRIX Wall Mounting Bracket - Top Fitting (pk 4)

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Pack Size: 4
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  • BRIX Wire Units are perfect for wall mounting and higher level display
  • This bracket supports the top of the unit
  • Minimum of 2 base fittings are required. Use in conjunction with base fittings; BRWF1
  • When installed correctly, each unit with fittings will hold up to 20kg
  • We recommend that the units are installed by a professional tradesperson

Our BRIX modular display system creates interchangeable structures that are more versatile than traditional fixed options, and our BRIX Wire Units are no exception to this rule.

Looking for the ultimate wall mounted and higher level display? We have just the thing to ensure your display remains flawless and upright.

Our BRIX Wall Mounting Bracket - Top Fitting is especially designed to keep your BRIX Wire Units securely in place, and when installed correctly, each unit will hold up to 20kg.

This bracket supports the top of the unit and a minimum of 2 are required. They need to be used in conjunction with our BRIX Wall Mounting Bracket - Base Fitting, reference; BRWF1.

Whilst they can be mounted using the holes in the rear of the frame (using the BRWF3 washer), we recommend using this product, whether building hot spots, wall displays or complete fit outs.

The bracket also allows for a further BRIX unit to be stacked on top (when using another bracket to secure the tops).

We do not supply screws or wall plugs as these will vary depending on the type of surface you are mounting too. We also recommend using an experienced tradesperson when installing BRIX units.

To find out how to get the best out of your BRIX units, see our BRIX Product Guide.


INTERNAL: W x H x D (mm)

EXTERNAL: W x H x D (mm)