BRIX Product Information & Tips

Product Information

Although the BRIX system is designed to work uniquely for you and your business without the need for professional shopfitters, there are some helpful tips, tricks and accessories that will help you build stylishly flexible spaces every time.  


Keep it Level

Make sure the adjustable plinths are level using a spirit level before you start adding BRIX units on top as it is difficult to adjust the feet once built.

Find Your Position

Ensure the plinth is in the correct position before making it level as moving it a short distance can make a big difference. 

Get In Line

If you are using multiple plinths in a line, level them all at the same height before starting any building. 

Keep It Wheel

Wheeled bases work best on smaller constructions that need to be moved regularly.

All our wheeled bases have lockable castors.

For larger constructions that are more permanent we strongly advise using the adjustable plinth bases. 


Two's Company

While BRIX can be assembled by one person it is much easier with two people, especially once you get over three BRIX high. 

Standard Connectors

 All our BRIX components come with 4 standard connectors where required.

Only 4 connectors are required per to connect bases to building blocks to tops.

Whilst BRIX come with 8 drilled hole options we recommend using the ones in the front and back corners leaving the side ones free for when you are joining side to side or suspending components in larger installations. 

Double connectors are available to separately for reinforced vertical bay displays.

Rubber Washers

Use additional rubber washers on metal connectors when putting a BRIX 800 unit vertically next to two units that are horizontal.

This ensures they’re the same height. Washers are also useful for adjusting height differences as you build upwards, wherever the base is not flat. 


BRIX can be built to any height but once you go over 6 units high (2.4M) we recommend the unit is safely installed by a qualified tradesperson.

For BRIX on wheels 5 units high is the maximum. 


Shelf Hanging Brackets

 All BRIX shelves come with four brackets.
The brackets work with the copper mesh units only.

No brackets are required if the shelf simply sits in the base of the BRIX unit.

Shelves can be flat or angled by adjusting the position of the rear brackets.

With angled shelves we recommend using the wooden shelf ends (BDSF / BDLF) or the hanging rails (BRHR4 / BRHR8) to hold the products in place on the display. 

Bridging Brackets

BRIX building blocks or tops can be suspended between two vertical units using four BRSH bridging brackets.

The brackets can only be used in conjunction with the drilled holes in the BRIX metal frames and cannot be suspended from the copper wire mesh.


NB: These connectors have to be added as you build your installation upwards and cannot be added subsequently.

Wall Mounting Brackets

BRIX building blocks are perfect for suspending from walls and ceilings. We recommend using an experienced tradesperson when doing so.

We’ve designed three brackets to make this easier. BRWF1 is the starting point for the base unit and BRWF2 is used as you build upwards.

Two brackets are required per level. The BRWF3 washer is designed to be used when screwing directly into the wall through the holes in the frame. This centres the screw and allows for level installation. 

Hanging Rails

Our 400mm and 800mm hanging rails can be used inside or between BRIX 400 and 800 building blocks.

They attach to the copper mesh and have a telescopic end to help with installation. They can be used in front of flat or angled shelves to hold products in place.

Also perfect for garment rails or for hanging kraft or black paper rolls on for signage and messaging. 

Product Care


Whilst industrial BRIX can be used in covered outside areas, the metal work may start to have some surface rust which can be removed using Briwax.

We would not recommend using powder coated BRIX outside. 

Worktop Oil

 An occasional coat of worktop oil to any of the wooden BRIX components will keep them looking as new 


For any delicate or light coloured items (particularly fabrics) that may be displayed in direct contact with BRIX, additional cleaning may be required.This should be done with a dry cloth only.