BRIX Dark Oak Unit 5 Panel 800 x 400mm (pk 1)

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W800  x D400  x  H400  (mm)


  • Totally modular retail display system
  • Create your own unique display to fit your space
  • Beautifully made in the UK
  • Each BRIX unit comes with the allocated 4 connectors needed to create your display
  • Designed to be strong and durable and will last a lifetime

This wooden BRIX box measures 800mm wide, 400mm high and 400mm deep. The BRIX box forms the building block for pretty much 90% of every conceivable retail display option you can build with this brilliantly versatile product. The great thing about this modular display system is that the choice is always yours. Use it horizontally or vertically, add wooden tops to build a display table. When combined with the BRIX box on wheels (BR003) it forms a beautifully mobile central display table or why not build it higher for a wall positioned shelving unit? The BRIX range allows you to re-design your store whenever you want, so you can adapt to trends and change with the seasons.

Originally designed for retailers, pop-up shops and market stall holders, the BRIX display system also has a loyal following in exhibition design. It's the perfect solution for those looking for a cost-effective exhibition stand or trade show display. Easy to build, easy to take down and looks great every time. Each BRIX unit comes with four steel connectors that allow it to be joined to the next unit, just like a giant Lego set. It is made from beautifully engineered angled steel with wood on five sides. The steel is smoothed off and then bri-waxed to give it a lovely finish that will only get better with time.

The occasional application of bri-wax can be applied if you want to keep it looking brand spanking new, or leave it to weather for an added vintage look. The BRIX display system is designed to be used inside or under cover and the strong double castors means each unit can hold up to 200kg. We use the BRIX display system all round our showroom and it not only looks fantastic, but its modular nature is the ultimate in functionality.Registered design 4040447

To find out how to get the best out of your BRIX units, see our BRIX Product Guide.



EXTERNAL: W800 x  x D400  H400 (mm)