Matlock Metal Tripod Riser With Acrylic Dome (pk 1)

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  • Part of the Matlock Collection
  • 100% food safe acrylic servewear
  • Choose between a flat or dome top
  • Strong metal tripod to hold up to 12kg
  • Crystal clear scratch resistant acrylic
  • Easy to clean and care for. Please see care instructions below.

Spruce up your countertop displays with our metal tripod riser with acrylic dome

It does all the shouting so you don't have to.

This product is an all-in-one serving solution and so much can be done with it. Fantastically versatile and great value.

Create architecture throughout your food display by choosing between four sizes; 100mm, 200mm, 300mm and 450mm risers.

The height of the riser, gives ample opportunity to store or display serveware beneath it.

Finally, select your choice of dome, from flat to curved, with sizes of 170mm, 200mm and 250mm.

It can also be used minus the top with just the base displayed on the riser for likes of doughnuts, cookies and other treats.

Countertop display stands are an effective way to add some height to your food displays without using bulky stands which will take up valuable space.

These acrylic and metal stands blend seamlessly into food displays while allowing you to draw the customers eye to key products or promotions.

To add to its versatility, the riser can be used minus the stand because it has its own base, while the top can be used on its own against a platter, plate or board.

These countertop stands feature our popular acrylic board and fitted dome both of which are made from high grade food safe acrylic, which is scratch resistant and easy to care for. Pair with our acrylic cake knife, ref: RDCK and acrylic cake spatula, ref: RDSP.

Care instructions:
Be sure to wash carefully after each use.
Acrylic items should be cleaned by hand with mild soaps and lukewarm water or a cleaner specifically for acrylic.
Chlorine based detergents should be avoided. Rinsing well and quickly blotting dry with soft lint free micro cloth will prevent spotting.
Alcohol or ammonia based products, particularly many kinds of common window cleaners, will permanently cloud acrylic.
Abrasives, brushes, cleaning pads, solvents or disinfectants of any kind should never be used as they can damage the surface.
Serving items should never be polished with any special acrylic polishes.