4 Bottle Budget Transit Pack (pk 12)

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Pack Size: 12
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W210  x D210  x  H340  (mm)

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  • Budget transit pack designed for four bottles
  • Suitable for transporting and storing 70cl & 75cl bottles
  • Full height internal (and integrated) dividers prevent bottles knocking together
  • Cardboard is double wall corrugated fluted designed to increase protection
  • Printed with 'Fragile' and diagram indicating how box should be carried
  • Eco-friendly packaging
Sustainable Product
Supplied flat packed
Flat Packed

Whether you're a mail-order company sending bottles for corporate gifting, or delivering locally, we provide a range of double walled corrugated cardboard boxes to keep your bottles safe in transit.

budget 4 bottle boxes with dividers are a perfect example of this. Available in packs of ten, these wine shipping boxes are suitable for transporting and storing 70cl & 75cl bottles.

Featuring full height integrated dividers, these shipping boxes help to prevent bottles knocking together, creating four individual compartments.

Made from strong double walled corrugated cardboard, they're designed to stop your bottles from clinking together.

Eco-friendly and efficient bottle packaging should be on every drinks retailer's must-have list particularly this double wall corrugated fluted packaging.

Designed to increase protection, the wine shipping boxes are printed with "Fragile" on 2 sides, and with a diagram indicating which way the box should be carried.

The corrugated fluted wall of these wine shipping boxes is designed to increase resistance to the box being crushed or punctured.

While locking tabs on the base help to securely reinforce the base, ensuring you don't need tape to secure the base of the cartons.

We recommended these wine shipping boxes are used for local deliveries in own van or for use with specialist wine and bottle couriers.

The 4 bottle transit packs are also suitable for transporting and storing 70cl & 75cl bottles of beer, spirits, and culinary delights, in addition to wine.


INTERNAL: W198 x  x D198  H335 (mm)

EXTERNAL: W210 x  x D210  H340 (mm)

MAX BOTTLE SIZE: 90mm x 335mm