12 /24 Beer Can 330ml/440ml Budget Transit Pack (pk 20)

Ref: RPC124
Pack Size: 20
£15.80 ex. VAT
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W205  x D271  x  H306  (mm)

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  • Best selling versatile beer can transit case - 1 box, 5 ways
  • Clearly marked cut down creases allows you to shorten the pack
  • For double layers, this box can hold 24 x 330ml and 24 x 440ml
  • Simply fold the flaps in a seal to send
  • Ideal for monthly beer subscription boxes
  • Great value product
Safe to be used with food
Food Safe
Sustainable Product
Supplied flat packed
Flat Packed

This tremendous best-selling 12 or 24 beer can 330ml and 440ml budget transit pack is one versatile product. It presents the ideal beer shipping solution.

It can house either 12 or 24 beer cans, in 2 different sizes... 330ml or 440ml. In fact, this must-have protective beer packaging can work in up to 5 different ways.

Clearly marked cut down creases on the beer shipping boxes allow you to pack 12 x 330ml or 12 x 440ml in single layers.

For double layer packs the cut down allows for 24 x 330ml cans, or you can house 24 x 440ml can requiring no cut down. The latter is the maximum quantity and can size the box will take.

The 5th and final combination is 12 x 330ml and 12 x 440ml. Then simply fold the flaps in and seal to send.

Ideal for monthly beer subscription boxes or for selection gift packs as well as for getting your beer cans safely to retail outlets.


INTERNAL: W199 x  x D265  H300 (mm)

EXTERNAL: W205 x  x D271  H306 (mm)

MAX BOTTLE SIZE: 68mm x 150mm