As summer approaches, we’re looking to put our bags on everyone's mind (and shoulders). But it’s not just the high-quality durability and responsibly sourced supplies that we’re proud of; this practical accessory doubles down as a powerful marketing tool for any brand seeking to extend their reach – from product, to purchase, to passers by on the street.

Why should I have a branded tote bag?

We’re pioneers in supplying premium bags; revolutionising new recycled materials from Southern India and driving digital print-to-fabric demands to unprecedented scales. We are continuously improving and shortening lead times on express (7-10 days) and bespoke bags (12-14 weeks). 

In an age where standing out is everything, studies have shown that 91% of customers who receive a logo-branded item, such as tote bags, will wear it – providing effortless consumer exposure.  

Versatility in every venture
When an experience is meaningful, we want it to be memorable. Since the pandemic, inbound visitor attraction and tourism has continued to recover. In 2023, we saw a significant rise in economic growth and trajectory amongst events and exhibitions; and what better way than to capitalise on this marketing opportunity than with a custom-made bag? 

Our robust, reusable and reputable fabric bags act as a quintessential token for gift shops, museums, art galleries, and event venues. By tapping into these perceptions and consumer behaviours you can evoke a sense of attraction to draw new visitors in, and encourage old ones to return. 

Go bespoke 

You might be wondering how to make a lasting impression on customers with just a bag? As complex print experts, the same degree of quality and care goes into our cheapest promotional customisation. However, if you’re looking for unparalleled personalisation, go bespoke. Whether it's a distinct design, unique textile, or specialised printing technique, our team is equipped to weave your vision into reality – tailoring every thread to your exact specifications.

Historical houses can capitalise on the exclusivity that a bespoke bag can bring. By merchandising members’ visits with intricate illustrations specific to each house, you can create collectables that simply can’t be found elsewhere. 

We’ve worked with some big names in the business – stitching bags of success for Fortnum and Mason, Harrods, Liberty, and we’ve also built smaller brands from the ground up. No matter if you’re a renowned customer or a personalisable novice, our dedicated design team and attentive account managers get to know your needs from the inside out; forging a bond that our extensive client retention is testament to.

Sustainability, sewn-in

The younger generation are becoming increasingly conscious of sustainability; opting for products that align with their eco-friendly efforts. For us, university branded tote bags are more than just a design; they are a representative of your hardworking institution, backed by responsibly sourced supply chains and recycled materials. 

Through our not-for-profit Cocobagh initiative, we’re catalysing change within the community in West Bengal, India; empowering marginalised individuals with the skills and resources they need to thrive – stitching strong ethical and sustainable credentials that extend beyond our artisanal Bags for Life. Showcase your university’s emblem on this canvas to attract new alumni and resonate with eco-conscious drivers for years to come.


Greener Gardens, Greener Future
We don’t just focus on fabric either, our 100% recyclable brown paper bags are delicately printed with water-based ink. Plus, their lightweight longevity means customers can repurpose them creatively as gift bags or even seed pots to extend your brand values beyond garden centres. 

Bag your brand now 

So, whether you're seeking to make a fashion-forward statement, foster connections within the community, or champion sustainability; our diverse range of customisable solutions are crafted to turn innovation into impact. 

Are you ready to bring your brand into our bags?


Stand Out, Stay Memorable.

Published: 5th Jul 2024