Social Commitments

In trying to understand the social impact of our business we’ve implemented some practical initiatives that help us remember that community comes first.

Here are some of our social commitments.

Ethical Trading

From the way we manufacture our products to how we ship them to you, it’s only through close partnership with our suppliers that we’re able to maintain traceability, transparency and commit to paying fair prices throughout the supply chain.

You can often find products cheaper online, but at WBC we will never supply our products at unsustainable prices.

Why? Because by paying fair prices and looking after the maker, we believe you end up with a quality product that looks and feels better for everyone.

The Prince’s Trust

WBC began trading with the help of a small business loan from the Prince’s Trust over three decades ago.

We know first-hand the difference organisations like this can make and so we’re proud to support their work with donations and mentoring programs for start-up businesses and entrepreneurs.



We have worked closely with our Jute and Cotton bag supplier in West Bengal, India for over 10 years now.

Together we launched the Cocobagh Social Business Venture in 2015, creating opportunities for local women who have little to no access to training or employment by teaching them the art of bag making.

Buying Cocobagh products ensures continued investment in a project that’s making a tangible difference in the local community.