There are a few standard ‘go-to’ gifts ideas for dads that always hit the mark.


These generally involve booze, dressing gowns and slippers, all for sensible reasons that if you’re a dad yourself, you won’t need explaining. Considering that your customer has no doubt ticked off the aforementioned presents already, we’ve put together a few stylish Father’s Day gift packaging ideas to consider as the 20th of June comes round the bend.
Keeping it nice and classic in muted earth tones, here are our best Father’s Day gift Packaging Ideas for 2021.

Wooden Hamper Boxes

Three boxes, the larger one is open with a selection of items sticking out of the top

For as long as we can remember, wooden gift boxes have been a WBC top 10 best seller for luxury gift packaging.


Our wooden hamper boxes are perfect for year-round gifting, but what really makes them useful for retailers is that they come in standardised sizes that make it even easier to offer customers a variety of price points.


Simply choose from four best-selling sizes, 12”, 14”, 18”, 20” to create a gift collection that covers all your bases. These will have foodie (and drink) dads with an eye for simple design, chomping at the bit to get inside... just make sure they’re packed with something a little more exciting than dressing gowns.

Pulpsafe For Beer

A box with Fragile written on it, behind 3 wine bottles encased in pulpsafe next to more items in pulpsafe including 12 cans

Beer and Dads is a stereotypical match made in heaven, but also possibly entirely true.


If you’re a mail-order retailer sending beer bottles or cans through the courier network and you haven’t discovered Pulpsafe, here’s the low-down; Pulpsafe is a 100% eco-friendly safe way to send beer, wine and spirits through the post. Made in the UK from water and recycled paper, Pulpsafe is plastic-free, 100% recyclable, compostable AND biodegradable in standard home refuse.


And for the first time, it’s now DPD approved on selected ranges so you know your Father’s Day gifts will arrive in one piece. Shop Pulpsafe Beer now.

Beer Carriers

A box containing three beer bottles on a black background with additional bottles and glasses around it

For those selling beer directly from your shop, it’s all about the beer carriers. Ours come in kraft card or fabric jute and both are genius for upselling stock when offering a buy 5 get 1 free or similar promotion.


WBC’s range of beer boxes and bags is growing every day with the surging popularity of artisan craft beer. And really they work too if Charlotte Dean, from Wined Up Here is anything to go by, she says:


“We bought 50 jute beer bags and offered them free when people bought 6 beers. If anyone came to the counter with 3 or 4 beers, we mentioned the free bag and it was a no-brainer. People just upped their purchase to 6 beers. We sold out of the bags and bought more in January and the trick still works!”

Gift Wrap

A bottle partially wrapped in brown tissue paper on top of red tissue paper

What’s the big tissue? Sorry, Dad joke.
But it's finishing touches like this that will set your gifts apart so for a classic way to wrap your bottles in style or pad out hampers shop WBC’s range of tissue paper.


The manufacturer that makes it recycles 100% of its waste, uses only water-based inks AND powers the factory using hydroelectricity. There you go, some serious Dad facts for you.


Read how to gift wrap a bottle in 6 simple steps

Spirit Bottle Boxes

A gin bottle next to a wooden container for bottles

Another wood you believe, scorcher for some serious Dad points. Bottle up your finest tipple in these oversized wooden boxes for spirits like craft gin which is all the rage at the minute.


Made from the finest FSC approved timber, stack these around the shop with your own gift tag and hey presto - ready-made Dad friendly gift idea.


They can even be printed with your own company name, logo or message in just 7-10 days using our personalisation service.

Bottle Gift Bags

Three brown bottle bags on a white wooden table

If all else fails and you haven’t the budget to splash out on Father’s day gift packaging, please don’t do nothing at all, instead, stock up on a few packs of bottle bags.


Bottle bags offer great margins any time of the year and are one of the easiest ways of generating additional profit.


Considering they retail for at least double that, what are you waiting for?

That’s our rundown for Father’s Day gift packaging ideas. You don’t have to go crazy but it does pay to have some ideas up your sleeves. We’d love to see what you come up with. Send us a message on our socials with a pic of your Father Day gift packaging designs and we’ll share it.

Published: 2nd Apr 2021