We’ve been so encouraged to see how many of you have quickly adapted their businesses to offer products via online mail order or local delivery boxes.


As every online, mail order retailer already knows, sourcing a reliable courier service and the right protective packaging can be a needle in a haystack. Well, we can take one of those stresses off your hands straight away. Whether you’re sending craft beer, chilled foods or ambient product lines, our range of postal and letterbox hamper boxes, will send it safely and securely, every time.


We’ve put together a few suggestions about how to send hampers as a gift through the post. Hopefully you’ll see that with the correct protective packaging, posting hampers is a cinch!

How Can Small Businesses
Start Online Trading?

- Offer customers ready-made hampers or gift-wrapped services at varying price points.
- Offer special deals through social media sites like facebook and twitter.
- Implementing a delivery service can capitalise on corporate gifting and branding.

Sending Hampers With

With WBC, sending hampers and jars as a gift couldn’t be easier. Ultimately it’s your choice how you send your hampers and deli gifts. Be sure to weigh up the risks, and discuss it with your courier in advance. We’ve come up with a number of options for ensuring your hampers not only make it through the courier network in one piece, but arrive looking as fresh as when you sent them.

Card  Hamper Boxes

Card Hamper Boxes

You’d be surprised how simple but effective Card Hamper Boxes can be!


Available in a variety of useful sizes, cello wraps, lids and basket bags make light work of wrapping hamper trays. Of course wicker trays will always be a staple of our hamper packaging collection, but with a little know-how, try something different. It’s quick and easy to turn a conduit as ordinary as a wooden gift tray into a beautiful profit-generating gift with on-going use.


Many of our card gift trays come with cello-Lids designed to fit specific trays. The lids securely lock into place using unique tab closures. They give a highly professional finish, and are ideal for sending hampers as a gift through the courier network.


Don’t forget to shop our range of shred which protects the contents inside, while the corresponding protective outer is a perfect fit for ensuring your hamper arrives in mint condition.

Wooden Hamper Boxes

For a strong and sturdy option, wooden hampers are a great alternative. They also have the added benefit of having an ongoing use once the contents have been devoured. Don’t forget to add shred and the correct protective outer and consider topping it all off with a variety of finishing touches!


Shop Wooden Hamper Boxes

Wicker Hampers

Wicker Hampers

For the ultimate in luxury, wicker says it all. Take care to pack contents snugly, and even these can be sent easily through the courier system.

Each product will have a recommended protective outer, but some may need a little added shred.


Shop Wicker

Protect Your Hamper

If the gift packaging above adds value to your products, then it’s protective packaging that keeps it arriving in tip top shape.


Whether you are sending a wicker basket, a wooden box, or sending a Christmas turkey, we’ve got you covered! We even offer special insulated shipping boxes for food and deli produce like cheeses and Christmas hams. Here are the tools you need.

At WBC you’ll find a big selection of wholesale transit outers designed to help you send hampers safely & securely. Shipping boxes to your customers couldn’t be easier with our packaging materials, which include strong cardboard outers and even insulated boxes for cold goods. Most of our protective packaging is 100% recyclable.


 Shop Protective Transit Outers.

Protective Packaging

You’ll even find a range of transit hampers ready to make their journey to your customers. From economy hampers and fluted boxes to the very clever eCommerce Boxes.


Shop Hamper Transit now.


Protect It With Shred
Shredded paper and decorative fill for hampers comes in a multitude of colours. With SizzlePak shred, Very Fine shred and wood wool to choose from, all are a visually stunning way to present your gifts, fill void spaces and protect products in transit. Shop Shred & Fill.


At WBC you’ll find a big selection of wholesale Packaging Supplies designed to help you deliver products safely & securely. Shipping boxes to your customers couldn’t be easier with our packaging materials, which include strong cardboard boxes, different types of tape, bubble wraps and protective sleeves for bottles or jars.


If you’re sending wine bottles through the post but you’re worried about breakages, check our A to Z on ‘Your Guide To Bottle Transit Packaging' including links to our range of Transit Packaging.

Published: 17th Jun 2020