In a world where convenience often comes at the cost of sustainability, we're proud to present our latest food-to-go range; carefully crafted with the planet, and your business in mind. We’ve wrapped up a selection of packaging solutions that deliver on simplicity without ever compromising on quality.  


‘Lunch on the go’ is a bustling industry, but every bite has an inadvertent impact on the environment. 80% of all plastic packaging waste is produced by the food and drink sector, and with an estimated 11 billion single-use items being discarded every year, it’s clear the problem extends beyond customer purchase. From versatile containers and utensils, compostable wax paper and sugar-cane derived containers – durability-tested to take your food and drink service to the forefront of this environmental revolution.  


We know that change often comes at a cost. Until the use of recycled materials becomes regulatory practice, the scale of this economy is competitive against traditional packaging routes. As leading suppliers in the food and drink industry, our entire operations are aligned with the highest food grade regulations and sustainability standards. By combining innovation with materials science, our new food-to-go collection is carefully curated to the same level of quality and assurance that our longstanding client retention is testament to. It’s a small cost of change that adds big value to your brand. 


Whether you’re pouring compostable cups at a fast-paced cafe, serving sugarcane sustainability with our freezer, microwave, and oven-safe containers, personalising your restaurants’ takeaway with recyclable brown paper bags, or simply seeking to stand out at your next market stall – our solutions are sure to take your food and drink service to the forefront of this environmental revolution.   

With summer fast approaching, the demand for on-the-go options to enjoy outdoor delights could drive your small business apart from the rest. We offer next day delivery and wholesale packaging at unbeatable prices – making every purchase memorable, and every mouthful count.


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Published: 3rd Jun 2024