Spring has well and truly sprung here at WBC, which means another gifting season is upon us. As consumers get set for Mother’s day and Easter weekend, it’s time for you to prepare for the peak in demand.

One of the best ways to elevate your gifting during busier periods is to create pre-made gift sets ready to go!

During gifting seasons, the pressure is on to find those all important gifts. Whether customers are scrolling online or traipsing around shops, it can be a daunting task to find perfect pressies. 

That’s why a ready-to-go gift can work wonders for easing customer stress, and providing a solution that saves them a shopping nightmare. 

Are you wondering what components you need to create a beautifully crafted gift box? No need to worry, we have all the pieces you need - even down to the sellotape! We’ve done the hard work for you.

To help you, here are some ideas on how to elevate your gift game for Spring.

Packaging Options

Choosing your packaging container is really about what aesthetic you are after, what requirements you have and what celebration you are marketing for. At WBC our products are incredibly versatile and can be used in all sorts of combinations, but here are some popular options for Spring gifting.

1. Wicker Hampers

Nothing says Easter like a wicker basket. A beautiful basket teaming with treats is an absolute no-brainer for an Easter gift.

All our hampers are made from wicker, sourced from Autumn Willow trees, and boiled to create that deep rich colour. Our supplies range from 12-24 inches so make sure to create a few size options filled with your goodies, to cater to all budgets. 

Of course, hampers can be assembled all year round, but whenever you choose to create yours, they won’t disappoint for a beautifully crafted gift. 

2. Gift Trays

Gift trays make the perfect starter hamper. A little more affordable and a lot more simple, gift trays go down a treat for easy gifting.

From vintage effect wood to slated trays or pewter brown wicker, you can choose from a range of trays and crates with or without lids for a stunning ready-to-go Mother’s day gift.

3. Ecommerce Boxes

Whatever the holiday, eCommerce boxes work like a dream for easy peasy gifting. Since these are protective packaging items, there’s no need to package them up. Simply fill, seal and send!

A hamper with bottled items and shred, with boxes in front and a wicker tray

Use The Season As A Springboard

It can be hard to come up with new, innovative ways to market your products all year round. So when it comes to creating your gift boxes, use the holidays as a marketing opportunity to theme your gifts. 

Whether it’s creating Spring themed colours, or adding Spring-like touches to your packaging, there’s always a themed twist to be added.

Boxes with shred and bottles, a ribbon and a label

Create colour combos

Often shoppers don’t know what they want but they know when they see it. By choosing the best colour combinations you’re providing visual inspo for your customers, plus taking the think-work out of the process.

Our Shred & Wrap products are available in a wide variety of colours so a great place to start for adding that seasonal theme.

Add seasonal liners

Add a liner to any wicker hamper for a beautiful added charm. The naturally white cotton liners are perfect as they add a light spring feel, or can be overprinted with a seasonal message. 

Add Finishing Touches

Creating beautiful ready-to-go gift sets is all about the detail. Lucky for you we offer every component of gift packaging from shred & wrap and gift tags to themed sellotape and bows and ribbons. There are always ways to add a lot with a little to create the ultimate unboxing experience.

Shred & Wrap

Our Shred & Wrap collection is substantial, not only when it comes to colour options. SizzlePak gives you ease, efficiency and affordability, and the 3-ply paper makes it durable and robust too. Very Fine has a finer texture making this a great choice for a more professional finish, whereas Wood Wool gives a more natural, earthy look.

Bows & Ribbons

If you are after a cutesy, twee look, our Heart-Print Ribbon is biodegradable as well as charming, and our Satin Ribbon comes in a whopping 32 colours. Or for something a little more natural and earthy, our Natural Jute Twine is biodegradable, recyclable and adds that rustic texture.

Bows, ribbons, tickets, tags

Hopefully you are well on your way to exceptional gifting, not only with ideas and inspiration but practical tips on what products to use. It’s time to create your ready-to-go gifts and elevate your gifting this Spring season!

Need help building the perfect gift this Spring? Book a call with our expert Lewis today! 

Published: 14th Mar 2024