It’s English Wine Week, and it’s time to raise a glass to the incredible range of English wines that are making their mark across the country. From supermarkets to independent wine merchants, and from hotels and pubs to bars and restaurants, English wines are becoming a beloved staple. At WBC, we’re thrilled to support this celebration of local viticulture and highlight the accessibility and quality of English wines.


WBC: Your Trusted Supplier in the Food and Wine Industry

As the UK and Ireland's leading supplier of carefully curated, responsibly sourced, and cost-effective packaging products for the food and wine industry, WBC has a rich history and a steadfast commitment to excellence. Our product range includes everything from gift and hamper boxes to protective packaging, retail display furniture, and printed fabric bags for life.

Our journey began over 30 years ago with a single van and a few innovative wine packaging ideas. Today, we proudly supply over 9,000 customers annually, predominantly to wine merchants and independent brewers. Our mission is simple yet powerful: to make it effortless for you to find the perfect products by leveraging our expertise, benefiting from our design inspiration, and enjoying exemplary customer service—what we call "perfection made simple."


More Than Just Boxes

At WBC, we are more than just a packaging company. Our business is built around understanding and exceeding our customers' needs. We ensure that their products are protected and presented with the same level of care and quality that goes into their creation. Simplicity drives everything we do, from engineering off-the-shelf solutions to conceptualising bespoke creative projects. This commitment gives our customers unparalleled peace of mind, as evidenced by our long-standing client relationships.


Commitment to Sustainability

Our purpose extends beyond customer-centricity to include a deep commitment to sustainability. We prioritise the well-being of our people and the planet, not just in words but in action. Our initiatives include:


Environment Protection: Pioneering plastic-free packaging solutions.

Community Initiatives: Founding and supporting local community projects.
Responsible Sourcing: Partnering with suppliers who share our values.
Carbon Commitment: Aligning our efforts to help customers navigate the packaging and display landscape with complete transparency.

This mission-driven approach ensures that every customer can trust that their packaging choices are sustainable and responsible.


Supporting Local and Independent Businesses

Production figures from wine standards increased by 46% through 2023, and the rising inflation prices have further emphasised the importance of supporting local and small independent businesses. At WBC, we believe in the power of local enterprise and work closely with various associations and food groups to offer discounts and member benefits. If you’re a member of a local trade association, let us know, and we can pass on these savings to you. For instance, we offer £10 off orders over £150.


Join Us in Celebrating English Wine Week

English Wine Week is a fantastic opportunity to explore and enjoy the diverse range of wines produced right here in England. Whether you are a retailer, a hospitality provider, or an enthusiastic consumer, WBC is here to support you. From premium packaging solutions that enhance the appeal of English wines to sustainable practices that ensure a better future, we are committed to helping you celebrate English Wine Week in style.


Raise a glass to English Wine Week with WBC—where perfection is made simple, and every bottle, from the drop to it's packaging, is a celebration of quality and tradition.

For more information about our products and services, visit our website or contact sales@wbc.co.uk

Published: 26th Jun 2024