Cultivated from a deep-rooted love for Italian meals, Just Gourmet Foods was born to capture the essence of family meals and extend the authenticity of artisanal brands within the UK’s fine foods and specialist retail market. Founded by Gianfranco Perri, the company prides itself on preserving Italy's culinary heritage as both an importer, distributor, and creative innovator of kitchen cooking.


When it comes to quality over quantity, Just Gourmet Foods commitment to excellence has made them a trusted partner for retailers and consumers alike. Representing over twenty exceptional Italian food manufacturers, their product line is never short of sensational. As a result, they wanted to create a display system that allowed their team to conceptualise various retail settings, better prepare for buyer presentations, and improve their overall merchandising strategy. Call it organised elegance if you may.


Enter the BRIX modular display system from WBC. Renowned for its versatile design and robust construction, Just Gourmet Foods leveraged the dual-purpose BRIX collection to transform their workspace into a dynamic and visually appealing exhibition.

The BRIX units were seamlessly incorporated as “An integral part of our office furniture.” Gianfranco Perri, CEO of Just Gourmet Foods. The adjustable shelves and sturdy configuration made it possible to display a variety of products, from wine and deli items to specialty foods and gifts. Utilising its multi-purpose manoeuvrability, the stands were also used as a key component for Just Gourmet Foods’ event presence. The team commended the shelving units on their ability to be assembled in less than an hour without any tools, in addition to an adjustable plinth base that adapted to uneven floors for efficient and reliable setup, whatever the environment.

Corresponding to the company’s custodian of culture, BRIX’s dark wood shelves and industrial steel frame with a copper wash wire mesh complemented their sophisticated brand image, serving as a backdrop to Italy’s rich tapestry of tastes and textures through strategic product placement. “It enabled us to envisage how our products might be displayed alongside each other on our customers' shelves” - Gianfranco Perri.

WBC Dark Wood BRIX units

We visited Just Gourmet Foods at the Farm Shop & Deli Show to witness our BRIX display elevating the everyday in person, and to hear firsthand how “Each unit has become an essential tool in the company's strategy to conceptualise, plan, and execute effective product presentations.” Gianfranco Perri continued “Whether it's in a countryside deli, or in the hands of end consumers, these shelves play a crucial role in understanding effective product presentation, enabling us to approach buyers nationwide with confidence."


From the advocates of exquisite taste to the leaders in the packaging and display industry; it’s a partnership fortified through a shared objective of workspace aesthetics and of course an understated, undeniable love for fine food. 


Build Simple, Display Smart.

Published: 28th Jun 2024