At WBC we're all about trying to find super-fast ways to style and dress your gift packaging so that it capitalises on year-round gifting opportunities with the least amount of fuss possible. Our collection of time-saving bows and ribbons are just the ticket.


The wholesale pull bows we sell online are so simple that they almost feel like cheating! But let's face it, who has time to create anything as perfect as a ready-made pull bow?


Pull bows come in small and large raffia in a range of colours like black, burgundy, forest green, gold, kraft and red. There are also pull bow varieties in satin, metallic and even some Christmas themed options. But they all do the same thing - make your life easy and your gifts look good.

To tie a pull bow, simply cut the ribbon on the dotted lines, holding the two inside tails, pull, sliding one hand away from the other. Hey presto! You’ve created a beautiful bow tie. Just tie to secure and then wrap around your gift..

Published: 21st May 2024