GDC Design are no strangers to getting the best out of retail space. For 20 years, they have been transforming spaces into high street outlets where design and display are everything.


They’re one of Scotland’s most respected interior fit-out specialists and the company of choice for many of the UK’s best-known brands.

In short, they know what they’re doing.


Which is why we asked GDC’s Managing Director Graham Christie why, when they were asked to design National Trust Scotland’s visitor’s centre, they chose WBC.

Matching Expectations

GDC designed and shop-fitted the NTS visitor centre at Inverewe, creating a look that will now be replicated around other centres in the north.


“The Inverewe gardens in the far north of Scotland is a popular stopping place on the famous Northern coast 500, termed as Scotland’s route 66,” explained Graham.


“This is very popular with foreign tourists who love the scenery and old stately homes in this area.


“The visitor area therefore had to match the expectations of the tourists and the heritage that we are extremely fortunate to have in Scotland.”

GDC chose WBC’s BRIX modular display system as well as other fittings from its range of retail furniture as the backdrop for the project, taking advantage of its flexibility and quality, as well as WBC’s own experience and reputation in the sector when it comes to helping create the perfect displays for retailers across a broad spectrum of sectors.

A Heritage Look

In a crowded market, it can be hard to stand out, but according to Graham, the attraction of WBC lies in its unique systems that set it apart from the crowd.


“We are aware of most of the retail systems available within the UK which are not the run of the mill systems within the general high street stores,” he said.


On top of that, it was important to find displays that would work with the design of the centre itself.


“The BRIX system sat perfectly in the National Trust of Scotland visitor centre that we designed, and shop- fitted where a heritage look was our preference for all the displays.


“The rugged look and flexibility of the BRIX system sat well with our chief designer and what he wanted to achieve. It was a perfect match for the rest of the displays that we had designed for the NTS project at Inverewe.”

The Look

The way BRIX works - comprising a small range of components that can be joined together with simple connectors - means it can create displays that are versatile and flexible, capable of being made bigger, smaller or able to accommodate changing shapes and layouts.


But its attraction doesn’t stop there. For GDC, the look and feel meant it was the perfect product to fit with what they had created.


“The interesting point about BRIX is that it can be used in both an upmarket establishment or in a farm shop,” explained Graham.


“A large part of this is down to the materials used to create it. The timber elements are richly stained in dark, chocolate brown which works beautifully against the repetitive pattern of the wire copper mesh.


“The whole range is handsomely framed in carefully distressed steel which promotes either fancy interiors or rustic!”


On top of this, the fact that BRIX units are floor-standing displays that don’t require permanent wall-secure implementation is helpful in terms of versatility and flexibility, as does its modular element - perfect for the gift shop world with its large portfolio of product sizes.

'Very Professional'

The product clearly had promise, but GDC also benefited from the ‘extra mile’ that sets WBC apart in the market.


From discussing needs and helping with product choice, to the ordering process and ensuring a satisfactory result, the ‘added value’ from WBC throughout the whole process won GDC over and


“We found the staff immensely helpful and pleasant to deal with and a special mention going to Gerry Moss,” added Graham.


Asked about the overall experience from start to finish, his answer is as simple as the concept behind BRIX: “Very professional.”


That professionalism not only made the process easy, but gave GDC the confidence to stick with WBC and the BRIX system for its other similar venues, creating a long-term partnership between two companies leading their field.

Just the beginning

“The latest order placed with yourself is being placed in other venues in the northern area that have been able to open in the current climate,” Graham told WBC.


“The trust hopes to show the home tourist the delights of Scotland and our heritage.”


Safe to say, WBC looks forward to its products and expertise being a part of creating a memorable experience for tourists and showcasing that heritage.

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Published: 24th May 2024