A 100% biodegradable solution for shipping wine, beer and spirits with the highest levels of protection.

100% compostable,
recyclable & biodegradable

Super strong, able to endure
impacts and drops

Designed to fit a wide range
from cans to bottles

Bringing the drink
market a sustainable solution for shipping bottles & cans with high protection levels.

Pulpsafe offers high levels of protection for shipping your beer bottles and cans with the greenest possible eco-credentials.

With a wide range of sizes and options for beer cans & bottles including 500ml kegs, you are sure to find the right box for the job.

Pulpsafe is a fantastic alternative to our Polysafe and Safe Air ranges, not only easier to use, but its flexible nature allows variations in shapes and size, that more rigid materials would not accommodate.

With options from 1 to 12 bottles, and options to fit wine, Champage, magnum, beer and gin bottles, there’s a size to fit all your needs.

Pulp is made by combining water and recycled paper, most often card offcuts, recycled newspaper or a combination of both and then moulding it using wet pressing technology. The moulded pulp is then heated to give it strength and rigidity.

Pulp gives new life to surplus waste paper, reducing the need for virgin paper. It's recyclable, compostable and biodegradable, and unlike many products claiming these benefits, Pulpsafe is accepted for recycling by all local councils without the need for specialist treatment.