We only use timber that’s responsibly sourced with the least possible damage to the natural environment.


That’s why no endangered tropical hardwoods are used in any of our products. Our wood suppliers conform to international standards and we produce using eco-friendlier woods like mango wood, a by-product of the mango tree that creates a sustainable cycle of plantation and harvest.

Certification ensures forests are managed to the highest environmental, social and economic standards with trees replanted or allowed to regenerate naturally.


Wood wool is made from PEFC approved natural spruce cultivated from European forests. No chemicals are used in the manufacturing process and it can be recycled, reused, composted or burned completely.


All our wicker products come from China and are made from steamed willow.


Willow is a sustainable plant that is grown in abundance and cropped bi-annually.


It’s the perfect ‘cash crop’ and directly contributes to the community in which it's grown.


No artificial stains are used in production, instead, we boil the willow for five hours and then seal it with a water-based sealant.


The majority of our board has at least 70% recycled content which can rise to 84% on some products.


However, there are minimum quality standards that we expect and where recycled material would compromise this, we would use virgin board.


Where we have to use Virgin board, whilst it contains no recycled material; it is, however, 100% recyclable.


All our shredded paper including SizzlePak and Very Fine Cut ranges are 100% recyclable and 100% biodegradable.

The minimum recycled content varies from colour to colour and where applicable, we have listed the minimum recycled content under each product online.


Our tissue Paper is made from 100% recycled material and the manufacturer of recycles 100% of its waste, uses water based inks and powers the factory using hydro-electricity.


Pulpsafe products are our most eco-friendly transit packaging option for bottles and cans.


Made in the UK from 100% waste paper, it is 100% recyclable, biodegradable and compostable (approved as per International Standard EN 13432 - Packaging waste directive and standards for compostability).


Pulp products give new life to surplus paper, reducing virgin paper usage to 0%.


We have reservations about organic cotton, simply because there is more supposed organic cotton sold than is actually made!


As a consequence, we only use standard cotton or, wherever possible, recycled cotton.


The percentage of recycled cotton and canvas we use has increased each year and the aim is to eventually use only recycled cotton.


Just in case you were wondering, canvas is simply a term used for heavier weight cotton. Our bags and aprons are designed to have a long life and then recycled. They should never end up in landfill.

Jute & Juco

The most environmentally friendly fabric we offer, especially when it is unlined, jute is made from a sustainable crop that is farmed on a rotation basis near our production facility.


One crop of cotton and two crops of rice and vegetables are grown each year. Every part of the jute plant is used and nothing goes to waste.

Juco is a blend of jute and cotton and the smoother finish and tighter weave can make printing easier.  


Jute and juco are designed for a long life and can be recycled if required. Like cotton, they should never end up in landfill.


We only source polystyrene/polyethene products that do not contain any CFC's, ensuring the production process has no more effect on the environment than a printed cardboard product.


Polystyrene can be reused, industrially recycled or incinerated efficiently, however, where possible, we encourage customers to swap to eco-friendlier alternatives with the same strength, such as Pulpsafe.