Personalised Fabric Bags

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  • Personalised Mini Black Jute Bag JM22BK-P

    Ref: JM22BK-P

    £1.98 ex. VAT
  • Personalised Mini Red Jute Bag JM22RE-P

    Ref: JM22RE-P

    £1.98 ex. VAT
  • Personalised Mini Natural 10oz Recycled Cotton Bag CM22NA-P

    Ref: CM22NA-P

    £13.10 ex. VAT
  • Personalised Extra Small Natural 5oz Cotton Drawstring Sack GBDS20-P

    Ref: GBDS20-P

    £0.93 ex. VAT
  • Personalised Small Natural 5oz Cotton Drawstring Sack GBDS30-P

    Ref: GBDS30-P

    £1.18 ex. VAT
  • Personalised Medium Natural 5oz Cotton Drawstring Sack GBDS37-P

    Ref: GBDS37-P

    £1.28 ex. VAT
  • Personalised Large Natural 5oz Cotton Drawstring Sack GBDS50-P

    Ref: GBDS50-P

    £1.83 ex. VAT
  • Personalised Extra Large Cotton Drawstring Sack pk 10 GBDS70-P

    Ref: GBDS70-P

    £2.73 ex. VAT

Personalised Fabric Bags

The very best in handmade totes, jute shopping bags and drawstring sacks - all handcrafted in India. Our stylish selection of reusable bags includes over 30 different styles, providing a quick and easy way to stand out from the crowd. Personalise these eco-friendly bags with your company branding or bespoke artwork, designed just the way you want.