How to dress a hamper tray in 6 easy steps

Published by Bobby Stearns on 7th Nov 2020


By Bobby Stearns - 9/11/20 


So you’d like to start gifting and not sure where to start. Start with a gift tray.

Delis, farm shops, gift shops, garden centres, drinks retailers, even butchers are using simple ready-made hampers and gift sets to maximises sales, not just at Christmas but throughout the year. Which is why gift trays remain a Top 10 Bestseller. Easy wins, easy profits.

If you'd like to get in on the act but at a loss where to start. Start with the gift tray. Maybe you're a seasoned retailer who already knows the benefits gifting can have on your profit margins, but you’re just fresh out of ideas, time, or budget. Again, turn to the gift tray.

Simple to construct and flat-packed for easy storage, card gift trays are a fraction of the cost of other materials, so they'll pay you back time and time again. A great starter hamper as well as a handy all year rounder. Here's how to dress them in 6 easy steps.