Finding unique ways to reach the broadest audience is a challenge for any retailer, but one business getting it right by taking multi-channel retailing to the next level, is family business, The Savannah Deli.


With eight outlets on the high street and a thriving online business, Savannah's most recent project is to take their brand direct to commuters on the platform concourse of London Bridge station.

Building a fully mobile concession stand on a station platform should be, on paper, a relatively straightforward exercise. But for one of London's busiest commuter routes, the design team behind the project turned to WBC's BRIX modular display system to find a pop-up and pack away solution that has National rail successfully considering expanding the trial to include other food and drink outlets.

Concessions &


Retail today is about creating experiences. Some of the very best experiences come from partnerships. So it's no surprise that there are an increasing number of retailers with complementary offerings, beginning to form partnerships in order to increase order values, time spent in-store and conversion rates for the partnering businesses.


One savvy approach to forming these partnerships and increasing footfall is through the use of retail concessions.


While nothing new in principle, department stores are based on the model, in recent years there's been a new push of retail concessions from well-known brands discovering new ways of offering customers the chance to shop in a way that suits them whether that’s online, in-store or in the case of the Savanna, on-the-go.

Building A Mobile Stand

Network Rail has long attempted to offer commuters the chance to grab a bite on the go, however the few businesses lucky enough to be offered a pop up on the station platform have quickly found their trial short-lived as significant practical obstacles consistently make the model unworkable. Static pop up furniture and displays get in the way of a busy commute. Fire, safety and crowd control regulations make the need to set up and pack away at a moments notice, inevitable and that tends not to work with most 'built in' retail shelving and furniture.


Conceptual designers for the project, Be Fruitful Design and installation completed by Bluecrow Concepts, chose the BRIX modular display system as the perfect workaround for building a truly mobile and functional pop up structure.


Modular in nature with the entire structure built on mobile castors, BRIX allows Savannah to set up and wheel away in one go at the end of the day, or in any case of emergency.

The Build

- BRIX Oak Wheeled Base 800 x 400mm
- BRIX Wire Unit 5 Panel 800 x 800
- BRIX Oak Shelf 775 x 380mm
- BRIX Oak Top 800 x 400mm
- BRIX Oak Top 800 x 800mm
- BRIX Oak Unit 5 Panel 800 x 400mm
- BRIX Wire Unit 4 Panel 800 x 400
- BRIX Oak Shelf 380 x 380mm

Items for back wall

- BRIX Oak Wheeled Base 800 x 400mm
- BRIX Oak Unit with Doors 800 x 400mm
- BRIX Wire Unit 5 Panel 800 x 800
- BRIX Wire Unit 5 Panel 800 x 400
- BRIX Oak Shelf 775 x 380mm

Total Build Cost: £4,908

The Outcome

Feedback from both TFL and National Rail has so far been positive with the later stating that this type of mobile structure provides an example of the model they believe makes concessions at concourse level a viable option for other companies to roll out the same, and they will be using the BRIX modular set up as their test case going forwards.

Published: 19th May 2021