English Wine Week returns on 19th - 27th JUNE 2021. If there was ever a finer opportunity to promote and support the English wine industry, English Wine Week has to be it. National awareness days like this can be a massive opportunity to get stock flying out the door. So whatever you do, get involved.

From bottle bags to wine tasting, here are 5 simple ideas for English Wine Week that every drinks retailer should be able to easily re-create. Don’t forget our friends at Wine GB have some rather excellent marketing tools to help you with promotion including POS packs, posters, stickers, postcards, and even a rather fancy pack of 2 bottle eco-printed bags from WBC. And of course, you’ll find all your favourite bits and pieces to turn wine into profitable gifts online for next day delivery.

1 - It's All In The Display

Wine bottles on racks, BRIX racks.

Displays and promotional hotspots can really give your sales a massive boost. Shoppers aren’t known for their attention span, so any bit of change invigorates and keeps your customers inspired. Think about telling a story. People like stories and we connect with them. A clever display can also be a great way of spring cleaning slow lines or underperforming ranges (not that you would have any of course).


This English Wine Week, why not look to group your English wines into a collection. Highlight staff favourites and use store signage and ticketing to educate customers on the provenance. Creating engaging in-store hot spots or exciting window displays to really promote your English offering, raises awareness of an industry worth championing.

2 - Experiential Retailing - The Art Of Wine Tasting

BRIX on their side with a chalkboard front and wine bottles within

In-store tastings capture the attention of customers. Whether you hold yours in-store or take it to the pavement, tastings are a brilliant way of keeping your customer for longer. It’s the ideal opportunity to build a relationship and up-sell the vast range of products you have. See who can taste the difference between a small producer and a big wine house! It doesn’t take much to put one together, you’ll simply need ISO wine tasting glasses, and a few wine accessories like ice buckets and spittoons to help you do it in style.

3 - Collaborate & Reach Broader Audiences

Two people standing at a high table with wine and nibbles

Collaboration is the future of retail. As costs on the high streets rise, and budgets become tight, it’s becoming harder and harder to justify costs of promotion. So why not work together with other like-minded businesses in your local community? Buddy up with a local delicatessen or farm shop and host a food and wine pairing event. Cross-promotion and championing local produce will only increase your sphere of influence.


WineGB has an online portal for uploading your event - a neat way to get some added promo in for free.

4 - Gift Bags That Pay

A bottle gift bag with two bottles next to it, sitting on some tissue and ribbon

We’ve all been tempted by the little extras on the way to the till, and so have a whopping 60% of UK shoppers. A tried and tested marketing technique, according to smallbusiness.co.uk, “British consumers spend a whopping £21.7 billion on impulse purchases each year”.


Gift bags for bottles have to be one of the easiest and most cost-effective impulse gifts for drinks retailers to offer. Bottle bags are a great way to easily increase average order values, while up-selling product and maximising your sales during promotional events such as these.

5 - Meet The Producer, Sell The Story

Invite a vintner from a local vineyard and host a ‘Meet the Producer’ event. Your customers will leave with a deeper appreciation for the world of wine and the provenance of the product they buy from you. You might not be as lucky enough to host Chapel Down but you will have created a connection with local producers.

WBC’s full range of off-the-shelf packaging and display to help you celebrate English wine week is in stock now and available for next day delivery. View the full range at online including new purpose-built wine tasting stations to help you showcase your products by creating a wine tasting hotspot on your shop floor.


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Published: 1st Jun 2021