Retail Display & Supplies

  • Kelso Small Matte Black Bowl - Set of 2 pk 2 RCSB12

    Ref: RCSB12

    £18.00 ex. VAT
    Equiv Unit Price £
  • Kelso Medium Matte Black Bowl - Set of 2 pk 2 RCSB13

    Ref: RCSB13

    £28.00 ex. VAT
    Equiv Unit Price £
  • Kelso Large Matte Black Bowl pk 1 RCSB21

    Ref: RCSB21

    £25.50 ex. VAT
    Equiv Unit Price £
  • Glazed Metal Storage Box - Brushed Charcoal pk 2 RCDJ03

    Ref: RCDJ03

    £30.00 ex. VAT
    Equiv Unit Price £

Retail Display & Supplies

Retail display and merchandising solutions create the perfect stage for your products. Retail furniture, display fixtures, counter top display units, wicker display baskets & containers - all you need to ensure your space is working hard for you.

The range also includes point-of-sale essentials like chalkboards, contemporary signage, ticketing and ticket holders as well as risers, cake stands and display boards.

Whether you’re a high end department store, an independent retailer or a market stall trader simply combine our unique merchandising fixtures along with the basic principles of visual merchandising, and provide your customer with a whole new level of experiential shopping.