12 Beer Bottle or 24 330ml Can Pulpsafe Shipping Box (pk 10)

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Pack Size: 10

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W420  x D320  x  H300  (mm)

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  • For 12 x 330ml or 500ml beer bottles or 24 x 330ml cans
  • Has strong double walled cardboard outer and 2 pulpsafe inserts
  • Place top insert on top of bottles to secure
  • No top fitting required for cans, simply close the box to secure
  • Made from 100% recycled material
  • Approved by DPD for shipping bottles
Courier Safe
Courier Safe
Bio Degradeable
Sustainable Product

Our 12 beer bottle or 24 330ml can pulpsafe transit pack is a versatile shipping solution that can be used for shipping a combination of cans and bottles.

Whether you intend to ship beer, cider or soft drinks, you can choose between 12 x 330ml bottles, 500ml bottles, or 24 x 330ml cans.

Also works with smaller jars and preserves, ideal for wholesale shipments.

It’s the ultimate transit pack, ensuring you're completely kitted out to ship your drinks orders safely and securely.

This protective beer packaging consists of a strong double walled cardboard outer and 2 pulpsafe inserts.

When using this biodegradable beer packaging for bottles, place the first insert into your assembled box, add 12 bottles and then invert the second insert to form a top that holds your bottles securely in place.

For cans, place the first insert into your assembled box, add 12 x 330ml cans and then add another level of cans on top. For cans, no top fitting is required, simply close the box to hold the cans in place.

Made from 100% recycled material (water and cardboard), our beer shipping boxes are recyclable, biodegradable and compostable.

Inserts stack inside each other, whilst outers are flat packed for minimal storage.

Following rigorous testing by DPD with zero breakages, we’re excited to say our entire pulpsafe range of bottle and can transit packaging is approved for use within the DPD network.

Pulpsafe bottle transit packs are drop tested to ISTA 3A standard and certified as able to effectively withstand transport hazards.

View assembly instructions for Pulpsafe beer bottle boxes & Pulpsafe beer can boxes.


INTERNAL: W410 x  x D310  H290 (mm)

EXTERNAL: W420 x  x D320  H300 (mm)

MAX BOTTLE SIZE: Can: 66mm x 115mm Bottle: 72mm x 225mm




Double Wall Corrugated
Double Wall Corrugated